Maibong Eco Resort

Not Just A Resort

Highlights of Maibong

Accommodation in Maibong Eco Resort is the perfect blend of homely comfort with the quintessential aura of the forest. Eco Cottages built with a keen eye for Assamese architecture form your primary stay, where you are provided with a warm cozy atmosphere as the pastoral setting outside changes from the misty morning to the starry night.

We specialize in the lip smacking and exotic delicacies from all across the Assamese plain land. Ethnic dishes that are bound to create an everlasting impression on your taste buds and beckon you to our place everytime your heart plans for a trip to Assam. Other than the characteristic local cuisines, we also serve a range of dishes typically found in the standard multi-cuisine menu.

We arrange and oversee the entire process of booking a Jeep Safari that will take you into the enchanting woods of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary swarming with a dense population of the famed one-horned rhinoceroses.

We also closely assist you in arranging the early morning Elephant Safari, where you get to experience a more wild and aerial view of the beautiful jungle from atop the humongous tusker.

Boat cruises are an integral part of experiencing the true flavour of the land of Pobitora infiltrated with the majestic arms of the River Brahmaputra. As the boat glides upon the silky waters painted with the reflection of the setting sun, the magical Pobitora landscape stands before your eyes bathing in the dying rays of the twilight.

However this enticing scene is occasionally interrupted by the bubbly frolicking of the Gangetic Dolphins; peeping out of the sun blanched water and diving back inside within a fraction of a minute. A sight which is common during the monsoon season.

We help you during the entire process of arranging the boat cruise so that you have the most sensuous experience ever.


We provide cycles for people interested to go for a short and whisk wandering into the village. This venture on two wheels helps you discover various places and meet new people- a crucial component of every travel expedition.


Guests are also given the option to go on angling tours into the crevices and corners of the village, where they can fish their hearts out in the small patchy ponds found here and there along the village road. We also help you by getting the fish cooked according to your own personalized desire.

The thing that makes Maibong Eco Resort stand out from the common gentry is its promise to deliver you with an authentic and raw experience commonly found in the stories of a certain Mr. Corbett. The ‘Pobitora Wilderness Camp’ is that other dimension where one jumps in whenever one hears the true call of nature.

Under the starry night, with the crackling sound of wood burning in the bonfire in front of you, a sweet breeze blows past you carrying the smell of rain soaked woods in the vicinity along with the evening chicken being prepared inside a bamboo; you hear the low grunt of a rhino nearby as the whole wild atmosphere comes rushing to you.

Highlights of Pobitora

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