Pobitora Wilderness Camp

The thing that makes Maibong Eco Resort stand out from the common gentry is its promise to deliver you with an authentic and raw experience commonly found in the stories of a certain Mr. Corbett. The ‘Pobitora Wilderness Camp’ is that other dimension where one jumps in whenever one hears the true call of nature.

Under the starry night, with the crackling sound of wood burning in the bonfire in front of you, a sweet breeze blows past you carrying the smell of rain soaked woods in the vicinity along with the evening chicken being prepared inside a bamboo; you hear the low grunt of a rhino nearby as the whole wild atmosphere comes rushing to you.

Located just beside the forest and surrounded by the greenery of cultivation all around; Maibong’s latest venture, the Pobitora Wilderness Camp forms the perfect escape from the city life straight into the scenic lap of mother nature.