Other activities


We provide cycles for people interested to go for a short and whisk wandering into the village. This venture on two wheels helps you discover various places and meet new people- a crucial component of every travel expedition. 


Guests are also given the option to go on angling tours into the crevices and corners of the village, where they can fish their hearts out in the small patchy ponds found here and there along the village road. We also help you by getting the fish cooked according to your own personalized desire.


We take you on brisk strolls into the village immersing in the rural beauty hidden in the various nooks and corners of the Assamese society. Whether it’s a trek route by the sandy paths of the mighty Brahmaputra or a quiet path edged by thick foliage, the walk is guaranteed to rejuvenate you and fill your heart with good memories only.


A quaint reading lounge is always open and at your disposal if you ever want to get inside the narratives of books among this serene backdrop.


We also arrange for the very colourful, beautiful and mesmerizing performance of Bihu, a traditional dance and musical performance of Assam. It’s a guarantee that you’ll lose yourself in the fabulous imagery of painted bangles, groovy feet and the unconventional beats of drums. A vibrant portrayal of the rich Assamese culture that will leave you speechless with the true spirit of this northeastern state embedded deep into your heart.